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Riverbank Primary School

Riverbank Primary School offers more than a schooling environment. We
provide a balanced, stimulating, safe learning space that encourages
learners to develop into the best they can be while maintaining a standard of


We facilitate learning from grade 1 to grade 7.


Riverbank offers a caring, nurturing environment. A safe place for learners to learn and be themselves.


We recognise that every learner is unique with individual needs and we strive to meet their needs and maintain their personal identity.

Covid-19 Compliant

Protocols are adhered to in a safe, clean environment.


CAPS aligned


Feedback on learners’ work is provided on a regular basis.

Vision Statement

Psalm 1:3

Mission Statement

Our History

The story of Riverbank Primary School began when Joyland Nursery School started all those years back, as this was the start of the education journey for the church. Parents loved the nursery school, and the standard of education and care their children received and asked for a primary school. In August 2008, a meeting was called with these parents to discuss the possibility of a school. The support was there, so Pastors Jochen Volker and Isabeau Weyer, together with Christine van der Pijl put plans together to open the school in January 2009.

From the September to the December of 2008, the groundwork started. The “Youth Centre” at the church, became the premises where the school would operate from. The school was named Riverbank Primary School, based on Psalm 1, about the tree planted by the riverbank.

Not only did the school grow in terms of teachers but with the growth in numbers from 10 in 2009 to 93 in 2019, it out grew the “Youth Centre” and expanded to use venues all over the church grounds for classes. With further growth, it became necessary for the school to move into its own building that could facilitate further growth. In 2013, with the help of a donation from Germany, The Future Trust, the school took over the pastor’s house, demolishing about two thirds of it and building it to meet their needs. In October 2013, the learners moved into their own school and on the 14th of October 2013, the school building was officially opened during a service at the WRLCC.

Core Values

Riverbank Primary School was founded so that we could impact the lives of learners and their families, not only academically but also planting a seed for spiritual growth. 

The core values encompass what we stand for.

Biblical studies is not a separate subject but is an integral part of our day, from morning devotions to interacting with the learners in the classroom and on the playground.

Respect for ourselves, others around us, our environment and our school is not only taught but modeled by the staff.

Integrity forms part of our daily lives at Riverbank and our learners are encouraged to be honest and have strong moral principles.

We strive for excellence in everything we do, be that in the classroom, on the sports field, on the stage and in our daily lives.

Our learners benefit from the partnership formed between the school and their families, but also from the partnerships formed within the community.

Investing in the education of our children benefits each learner’s future, their growth within the community and the country.


I was the first grade 7 back in 2009, when Riverbank started and still very much involved today. The teachers were patient and understanding, and made learning attainable for someone with learning barriers.

Today I am a frontend developer for international clients.
Because of the patience and guidance I received at the school I now have the confidence to follow my dreams.

Thank you Teacher Christine and Teacher Michelle!
Riverbank past learner
Catelyn Scrooby
Past Learner
Our family has had an amazing relationship with Riverbank. Two of our elder kids completed primary school here and had an amazing time. They enjoyed the small classes, good and caring teachers and wonderful place for their foundation and senior primary education years. They also made good friends there. Our last born just started her primary school and loves the place.

We recommend the school to any parent looking for a small, affordable, quality and faith based education
Riverbank Parents the Mokabane Family
Aaron and Ria Mokabane
Riverbank Parents
This is a school where learning is made fun, where teachers will go the extra mile for your kids.

Riverbank is where results are not just promised but delivered too.

I am truly thankful for Riverbank School for accepting my kids and really doing the best to help my kids.
If I had to rate the school I will most definitely give them a 100 out of 100
Samantha Botha
Riverbank Parents
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Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities form part of the educational journey of the learner
where they can develop a skill outside of the classroom.

Activities take place daily, Monday to Thursday, 14:15 to 15:15.

Activities available are subject to change as the needs of the school changes.

Activities offered over the past years included:

Judo, netball, soccer, hip-hop
dance, spiritual dance, chess, drama, Lego club, Art club

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